Project Applicants

Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Inc recognises that there are many, many projects needing assistance. We ask in turn that you recognise we are a new and small Foundation, with limited funds and resources, so many worthy projects will go unfunded by this Foundation.

However, our support extends beyond that of financial, and we may add our voice to your cause to garner public support on your behalf, assist with sourcing volunteers, and more. If you are unsuccessful in a financial grant application, you may be selected for advocacy support.

With only a small volunteer staff, we ask that all requests for support come via this process. Please complete the Application Form with as much detail as you can.

We thank you for your interest in Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Inc, and look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Download the Project Application form here (it is an active PDF form so you can enter text directly to each field), save the completed form to your computer and send a copy by email to