“Since European settlement in Australia we have seen 54 animal species become extinct with a further 18 animal species critically endangered, and 128 classified as endangered. As the world becomes more environmentally aware, I believe that we must as individuals recognise the magnificence of our natural world, and feel a sense of accountability for our actions which affect it.” – Bob Irwin

We believe that those organisations that have been most effective in wildlife conservation to-date are those on the front-line.

Comprised mostly of unpaid volunteers who put every waking hour into initiatives and projects that achieve practical outcomes, and/or who work day and night to rescue, repair, rehabilitate and release wildlife, they are for the most part unfunded, and unsupported by government and major conservation groups.

For this reason, a key tenet of Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation’s reason for being, is to support these organisations and individuals who need it most.

We have a limited budget and a tight selection criteria, so we are not going to help everyone. We are putting funds raised towards those organisations whom we believe are delivering on their core mission, contributing the most to that cause, and being the most effective in their endeavours.

See current projects below. Note, this list will evolve and expand with time. To apply for funding, please see the Project Applicant page.